Pdfviewer - 应用内显示pdf扩展

To view the pdf withou opening 3th party app


  1. viewing pdf from assets, from private dir, from ASD, from sdcard.
  2. No need Internet connection.
  3. zoom in/out by two fingers
  4. goto some page smoothly.
  5. scrolled event to show you which page is in view

instructions to use this extension

This photo expains everything.


pdfPath: String. start with // means from assets, start with /sdcard/ means from sdcard, start with ~/ means from private dir. Both in companion and in apk.

pageRange: String. any arrange you want to show, like: 3, or 1-10, or 1,3,5, or 1-5,7-9

How to buy:

send email to 270988017@qq.com for demo apk first.

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